Rental Car Shuttle Service for West Burlington, IA Area Drivers

Thousands of West Burlington drivers have turned to Heartland Rental Cars for a temporary way to get around town. Whether you need a rental for your business trip or something to drive while your car is serviced, we can help. We offer quality rental cars at competitive prices, and our shuttle service makes renting a car easier than ever.

Rental Car Pickup and Return Shuttle

The biggest annoyance in renting a car is figuring out how to actually pick it up. We believe that renting a car shouldn’t be a pain at all, so we’ve simply taken the pain points out of the equation. When you rent from us, our shuttle service will pick you up and drop you off safely back home, or wherever you need to be, within 25 miles from our location. Renting a car really can be hassle-free!

Benefits of Using a Shuttle

When it comes to transportation to and from the rental car office, you certainly have options. You could call a taxi and pay exorbitant cab rates. You could wait until your best friend gets off work to drive you. You could take the less expensive rideshare option and deal with bad drivers and awkward conversations… and then do it all over again once you drop the car back off! But when you rent with Heartland Rental Cars, you’ll never have to scramble to figure out transportation. You can relax knowing that our shuttle is always available to get you where you need to be. You won’t have to waste a drop of gas, a minute of time, or a dime of money.

Reserve Your Car Today

Heartland Rental Cars is the go-to rental car company and car dealership for drivers across the region. With an unlimited mileage program, regular coupons and specials, and our complimentary shuttle services, it’s easy to see why. Reserve your rental car today or call us at 319-758-8000 to schedule your shuttle ride!